Committee Profiles

Kevin Leomo, Committee Chair

Kevin is a composer based in Glasgow, Scotland, and writes primarily for acoustic instrumental forces. His works have been performed by Red Note Ensemble, Psappha Ensemble, Ensemble Okeanos, Ensemble Móbile, Neave Trio, Society for New Korean Music, TaiHei Ensemble, Glasgow New Music Expedition, and The Hermes Experiment.

Kevin holds an MMus in composition from the University of Glasgow, completed under the supervision of Professor Bill Sweeney and Dr. Jane Stanley. He is currently undertaking doctoral studies with Dr. Jane Stanley and Dr. Drew Hammond, with his research focussing on aspects of cross-cultural composition. He is a graduate teaching associate for the courses Composition in the Classroom and Orchestration.

Kevin is interested in music education and has participated in projects at primary, secondary, and tertiary level. He was worked at Enterprise Music Scotland’s Train and Sustain, Sound Festival’s Go Compose, and the University of Glasgow’s Scottish Young Composers Project.

Kevin is passionate about the promotion of postgraduate practice and research in music and has been a driving force behind Sound Thought since 2015. Kevin has held the position of Sound Thought committee since 2017, expanding it from an annual conference to multiple events throughout the year.

Jamie Macpherson, Technical Manager 

Jamie is a student at the University of the West of Scotland studying Sound Engineering and Production; and came top of her class in her HNC year. She has experience working in the music industry from both running sound at live events and studio recording and mixing; along with a history of volunteering to operate sound systems at events and venues. She has worked with studios to mix and master several albums and record many bands. She has also travelled around the UK and Ireland to help with crewing and running concerts of varying sizes. Jamie wishes to continue to produce music in both live and studio settings, she is passionate about the impact music has in peoples’ lives and wants to be a part of that process. She feels strongly about helping to capture music and share it with people.

Jamie is passionate about Music Technology; and is experienced and enthusiastic about designing and engineering new technology to improve the recording and reproduction of sound. She intends to continue to further education to get a degree in Electronics and Music. Currently she hopes to be able to improve digital audio technology for live events, and to work on integrating that into mainstream venues and studios. She is also experienced with Foley Work and Sound Design for film and TV with a focus on using DAWs and synthesisers to create sound effects.


Sonia Killmann 

Sonia Killmann is a composer and sound artist from Belgium studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Her works usually involve field recordings, which have been placed in a traditional musical context. Being a jazz saxophonist herself, some of her works are inspired by jazz harmony and include live improvisation. Sonia has spent the past year exploring the various ways in which sound can be perceived and crossing boundaries between pre-recorded sounds and instrumental performance. Her music can be found on:


Beth Horseman

Elizabeth Horseman is a musician and audiovisual artist based in Glasgow, UK. Having completed her MA in Mathematics and Music at the University of Glasgow in 2018, Elizabeth has been a member of sound art summer camp Audiotalaia 2018, and worked as artist assist on installations such as Louise Harris’ Visiaurihelix and Clyde-tunnel-based Portal. She has most recently worked as sound designer on BBC and Lux Scotland commissioned film The Land and the Sea. A three-year member of Glasgow University chapel choir and choral scholar, Elizabeth often incorporates choral elements and ideas of ‘aestheticised sound’ in her works with a disposition to include melodic elements in non-melodic pieces. She is currently working towards a Masters in Sound Design and Audiovisual Practice at the University of Glasgow.