2014 Journal

In collaboration with the University of Glasgow’s international online journal for postgraduate research eSharp, we are pleased to present this special edition highlighting the range and quality of sound research and practice presented at Sound Thought 2014.

The journal is split into a text based section hosted at the eSharp webpages and a practice based section which appears below.

We are thankful to eSharp for collaborating with us to produce this special edition.

Lead Editors: Brianna E Robertson-Kirkland, Calum Scott, Bethan Parkes, Lynne Kelman, Debora Agazzoni

Sound Thought 2014 eSharp special edition


Elizabeth Ford - Sources for the chamber music of William McGibbon

James Lavender Affirming Chance: Experimentation Between Sound and Philosophy

R. Jenai Talkington Off the Axis: Navigating Globalism and Locality with Sound Mapping


Patrick Lydon – Transport Me

Leslie Deere – Untitled (west coast)

Georgia Rodgers – Late Lines remix

Richard T.C. Nelmes – Hiraeth

Iain Campbell F-W 2 - In Posterface: Physical Things

Konstantinos Vasilakos – Live coding in studio: from code to tape

Neil Simpson – lls, ills, bills (extract)

Kim Walker

Thomas McConville – Shop (Cyclical Music)

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