Konstantinos Vasilakos – Live coding in studio: from code to tape

The video shows the process of making a tape piece through the use of live coding in studio. It begins with the explanation of various bits of the coding performance and proceeds with the music piece, “It all ends with noise” (2013).

“It all ends with noise”, is a tape composition made of material developed through this live coding improvisation.

The performance lasted for approximately 40 minutes and elaborated on building the sound synthesis arsenal. After the sound sources have been established I perform live coding to manipulate musical parameters at a higher level.

During the performance I modify the source code of the sound synthesis engines in real time and improvise additional spectral and time domain effects on the top of them. To create the piece I selected various bits and pieces from the performance which I processed further with traditional studio means.

The final fixed media piece comprises the juxtaposed processed sound layers. “It all ends with noise” is composed for 2 (stereo) and 8 loudspeakers.

Konstantinos Vasilakos (Athens, Greece, 1980) is a Ph.D student at Keele University (UK) supervised by Mike Vaughan & Rajmil Fischman. His main research is in electroacoustic composition, including live and interactive performance. He holds an MMus degree in composition (2011, Utrecht School of Arts, The Netherlands) under the supervision of Hans Timmermans & Niko Langenhuijsen. He also obtained a Ba (Hons) in music technology, delivered by Omiros Aegean College and validated by the University of Central Lancashire (UK).


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