Leslie Deere – Untitled (west coast)

Work in progress, 2013-2014

Processed field recordings and manipulated still images.

AV cinematic presentation for Sound Thought 2014, duration 9:05

All material captured on a trip overseas in the summer of 2013.  This work was originally shown in a live context at an Arts Assembly / Touch Records event in London entitled Empty Spaces Hidden Narratives.  This theme chimed well with the material I had captured.  I recorded the sounds of myself alone in the spaces I stayed, this included hole in the wall hostels and seemingly empty beach hotels in San Francisco and LA.  I became intrigued by the peculiarities of a suspended moment or void within large bustling cities.  The loose theme is that of a solitary traveler, intersections in journeys or explorations of unassuming spaces. 
The images are processed in a lo-fi analogue way.  I projected stills in my studio, utilising the different surfaces and textures available in situ to distort and alter the images.  I then took photographs of the projections and created a moving image piece. 

The audio was recorded on a Zoom H4, sometimes at a moments notice when I heard something interesting happening.  This is relevant to the short clip of the man in San Francisco.  At that moment, about 4 metres away armed police were moving a group of homeless people and teenagers off a grassy hill on Haight Street.  One of the men slipped away and I happened to catch what he was telling another person before hoping on a trolley car.  


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