Thomas McConville – Shop (Cyclical Music)

Thomas McConville is an Irish composer and sound artist, working in both acoustic and electro-acoustic composition.  His works have been performed internationally as part of acclaimed concerts, festivals, installations and gallery exhibitions.  He has been published in the world’s largest selling computer music magazine, broadcast by electro acoustic pioneer Christian Zanesi and is due to release a new album on Schematic records.  Recently he was invited by the renowned composer Francisco López to take part in a compositional residency in South Africa and is planning a collaboration with Jason Signh, former resident sound artist for the V&A Museum.

This work joins several artistic processes and techniques into one piece of music.  I drew influence largely from the works of James Joyce, Picasso and David Hockney.  In this piece I create forms and processes within the music which emulates the cyclical structure of Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, beginning halfway through a musical phrase and ends halfway through the same phrase, in order to create an ‘endless’ piece of music when looped.  The work will also contain elements of cubism in which sounds will be heard from several positions at once, giving the listener multiple perspectives of the same piece.


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