Sound Thought: Resolutions

University of Glasgow Concert Hall – 7pm Wednesday December 18 

Sound Thought: Resolutions was held in the University of Glasgow Concert Hall on December 18th to showcase postgraduate practice and research, contextualised by the following subthemes:

Audio/visual definition
Approaches to audio and visual resolution: noise, deterioration, perfection, clarity, glitch, low-res v. high-res; the conversion of the abstract to the defined

Tension and release
Investigating areas of disparity, dissonances, energy and forces in motion; solving problems through compromise in collaboration; resolving conflicting approaches and ideologies

Creating resolutions
Intention and motivation; developing methods in the pursuit of creative goals; changing or adapting your practice; considering the wider impact of your work and addressing environmental impact in the arts

Adriana Minu + Rufus Isabel ElliotCollaborative composing: working with the embodied experience of improvising
William DonnellyAmygdala: An Audio Film
Alison BeattieHomeless Xmas
Erin GannonThe Ballad of the Frez
Sonia KillmannThem! There! Eyes?
Tim Cooper + Samuel TongueSoundlines: after Ingold and Nothing is Lost
Adam StearnsRule Britannia

Lise OlsenIn-between the Sonorous Event: How can we create resolutions by embracing the in-between position?
Harry Gorskih-BrownNu bērni (poo on poo)
Sara MattinsonHidden Melodies
Rufus Isabel Elliothelands heallands
Sam Lou TalbotThe Shape of Love
Beth HorsemanBecoming