The Dear Green Bothy Soundwalk

Sound Thought presents a curated soundwalk of locations around the West End of Glasgow, exploring notions of acoustic ecology and the impact of humans and noise pollution on our local environments.

Each composer/sound artist has prepared a soundscape composition for a specific location in Glasgow’s West End. Using the provided map, feel free to listen to each piece in situ before moving on to the next location. We have provided a suggested route, but you may listen to each piece as stand-alone events.

You can choose to listen via streaming from our website, or by downloading the audio files and map directly to your device. Listen using headphones, but for your own safety, please be aware of your surroundings – we recommend sitting or standing in place while listening. If you move between locations, try to listen actively and be aware of the acoustic environments around you.

Thank you for participating. We’d love to hear your comments about our Soundwalk – feel free to tag us on Twitter (@soundthoughtfst) and Instagram (@sound_thought) or feel free to drop us an email at!

Presented as part of The Dear Green Bothy, marking Glasgow’s hosting of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, in November 2021.

The Dear Green Bothy is the University of Glasgow’s programme of free public events and activities demonstrating the vital role played by the arts and humanities in understanding and addressing the climate emergency.